Every great café needs a varied range of delicious pastries available for customers.

Coffee and pastries have been a scrumptious pairing for many years and will continue to be so long into the future. To ensure that our customers can indulge in the tasty tradition, we at Cremma have made sure that we have a variety of pastries available. Continue reading to learn more about the pastries we offer and find out what makes our freshly baked treats stand out.

jam filled croissants

A Vast Range of Delicious Pastries

We at Cremma realise that many café goers already have their favourites when it comes to pastries. As such, we’ve tried to cater to all customers by presenting a broad selection of well-known favourites, including croissants and much more. All of these pastries will have been freshly prepared on site, so you can tuck in knowing that you’re getting the finest in the area. We are always looking to expand our selection so as to further satisfy customers.

As well as the more standard high-street pastries, we also have a range of simit and boreks available. These delicious treats will be new to many customers, as they will be able to discover what makes these pastries so popular. Our menu offers a variety of simit and boreks that can be filled with a range of tasty spreads. You can always learn more about these traditional pastries by reaching out to a member of our team today!


Why Choose Our Pastries?

For a start, all of our pastries are freshly baked on site, an action that no other local café is taking.

As such, you can expect to be dining upon the freshest pastries available when you visit your establishment. Our staff have been baking pastries for many years, so they’re confident in being able to present you with croissants and various other items that are just right. This approach sets us apart from similar cafés in the area.

What’s more, we offer pastries that are incredibly filling, so you’ll definitely be getting the best value for money. Our staff are confident in the quality of our pastries, so they’re sure that all visitors will be satisfied with what we present. We believe that we’ve perfected our recipes and are excited to bring them to the general public.

Contact Us

We’re more than willing to go through the large selection we have available, so get in touch with us if you’d like to learn more. Email any queries to, and our team will be happy to go through the various products we offer and provide useful nutritional information.

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