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Have you been searching for the best fresh cream cake Bournemouth residents? Perhaps you are tired of the same old desserts and want to try something new and exciting? Well, look no further! Cremma is the top choice for Bournemouth customers when it comes to providing exceptionally fresh cream cakes, desserts, breakfasts, lunches, drinks and snacks. 

We have made it our mission to supply Bournemouth customers with a wide selection of tasty snacks and treats, and we are proud to offer the widest range of fresh desserts, drinks and snacks around. To find out more about the types of snacks, hot drinks and desserts we have on offer, or the different services we provide, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

To speak to a member of our team today, simply call us on 01202 242628 today. We will be happy to discuss your requirements in further detail. 

The Best Fresh Cream Cake Bournemouth Can Offer 

Here at Cremma, we are proud to serve the finest fresh cream cake available in Bournemouth. Ever since we first opened our doors in 2019, we have made sure all our cakes, snacks and desserts are homemade. Our cakes are prepared with fresh cream, so Bournemouth customers can be sure they are purchasing delicious treats that have been created with care. 

If you are looking to try the finest fresh cream cake Bournemouth has to offer, then why not stop by and try ours? Our talented team have been working hard to bring the most delicious range of desserts and treats to our visitors every day. Whether you are catching up with an old friend or stopping by for a quick fix mid-shop, you are sure to find something to delight your tastebuds here at Cremma. 

We only use 100% fresh cream and bake our cakes and desserts fresh on the day, so you can be sure that your cake, snack or dessert will be as fresh and delicious as possible. 

What Makes Our Fresh Cream Cakes Special?

We all love to indulge ourselves every once in a while, which is why we at Cremma have a wide selection of fresh cream cakes on offer. We only use 100% fresh cream in our cakes and bake them fresh every day. So, you can be sure that whatever you choose has been baked to perfection using only fresh ingredients that very same day. 

One of the main reasons cafes are so popular is because of the wide range of sweet treats on offer. Here at Cremma, we strive to offer a delectable selection of homemade desserts from all over the world, so you can discover something new every time you visit us.

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Food and Drink 

As well as a wide range of fresh cakes and desserts, we at Cremma also offer a delicious selection of drinks and food to enjoy. We believe that our visitors deserve the freshest selection of food and drink, which is why we make everything fresh onsite. Alongside our famous fresh cream cakes, we also offer Bournemouth customers: 

Every day should begin with a fabulous breakfast. That’s why we offer our Bournemouth visitors a wide range of breakfast options, including a range of egg dishes, a classic fried breakfast, cereals, and breakfast bowls laden with fresh fruit. Our team make all our breakfast dishes fresh each day, so you can be sure you’re getting a healthy, nutritious meal. However you like to start your day, Cremma can offer you a breakfast worth getting out of bed for. 

If you are stopping by for lunch, you can’t go wrong with our extensive range of Cremma Kitchen lunches. From hearty pasta dishes to light sandwiches and flavourful options from all over the world, Cremma is the place to be for a delicious midday meal. We know that everyone has different tastes, which is why we have made it our mission to provide a range of dishes inspired by worldwide cuisines.  

Of course, no meal would be complete without a warming cup of tea or coffee! Here at Cremma, we source our coffee beans from the finest farms to ensure a truly exceptional taste. All our baristas are fully trained and will be happy to talk you through the different options.  

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Our ‘third-wave’ coffee is one of the reasons why we are so popular with our Bournemouth customers. ‘Third-wave’ means that the coffee we offer is of exceptional quality. This is due to the direct trade and distinct brewing methods we employ. We believe that a good cup of coffee can turn your day around, which is why we also strive to introduce more sustainable options to our menu. 

If you prefer tea, then you can’t go wrong with the fabulous selection on offer here. We currently have over 20 different teas available, all of which are brewed to perfection by our fully-trained team. Flavours include Black Mulberry, Apple and many more! 

Our range of pastries is one of the many reasons we are so popular. Our skilled team lovingly create them fresh every day, so you can enjoy the freshest and most delicious pastries any time you choose. What really sets us apart is our mouth-watering selection of Simit and Boreks. We know these particular pastries will be unfamiliar to many of our customers, and we are excited to introduce you to them! 

Nothing is more refreshing than a tall glass of fresh juice. Packed with vitamins, our juices are the perfect way to kickstart your day. We offer a great selection of fresh juices and detox drinks, so it’s never been easier to get healthy on the go! 

If you’re in the mood for something sweet, you simply can’t go wrong with our delicious range of chocolate treats! With waffles, crepes and other desserts on the menu, pop by and indulge yourself. All our chocolate desserts are prepared onsite, so you can be sure you are getting the freshest, most delicious treat available in Bournemouth! 

We’ve already mentioned our famous fresh cream cakes and chocolate treats, but what about our other desserts? Well, we are proud to have a vast selection of sweet dishes here at Cremma, including Katmer, Maras Sarma and many more! We strive to offer desserts from around the world, which is why some of these might be unfamiliar. However, with such a huge range of delicious treats, we guarantee you’ll find something you love!  

If you fancy something cooling on a hot summer’s day, then why not try our range of delicious ice creams? Our unique recipe is world-famous and hard to come by in the UK, which is why we are so pleased to have made it available here in Bournemouth. Not only is it available in a wide range of flavours such as chocolate and black mulberry, but it is also stretchy! 

This type of ice cream can actually be eaten with a knife and fork and is bound to delight our Bournemouth customers. What’s more, it doesn’t melt, so you can take your time and enjoy our twist on a classic seaside treat. 

As well as our fresh cream cakes, we also offer different flavours that change every day! Our three standard cakes are honey, chocolate souffle and our special Cremma cheesecake. 


We understand that a good review can make all the difference when choosing to visit a new establishment. That’s why we are sure you’ll find all the reassurance you need over on our dedicated testimonial page. We are proud to have received so many excellent reviews and hope you will consider joining us soon. 

Why come to Cremma UK? 

Here at Cremma, we pride ourselves on consistently delivering fresh, unique, delicious food and drink and a welcoming atmosphere to our Bournemouth customers. If you are searching for the best quality food and drink in town, then look no further. All our food and drink are prepared onsite so you are guaranteed the finest experience. 

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If you would like to discover new flavours, unique desserts or our famous fresh cream cakes, come and see us at Cremma today. With an extensive range of hearty breakfast and lunch options, sweet treats to delight the most discerning customers and a wide range of freshly made juices and drinks, you can rely on us to give you the best dining experience in Bournemouth.  

Not only will you be welcomed by a member of our friendly team, but you will also have a choice of the most exciting and inventive snacks, desserts, pastries, lunch options and drinks in Bournemouth. To see what all the fuss is about, come and visit us today! 

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