Fresh Cake Bournemouth

There’s nothing better than having a freshly baked cake to complete your day, and we here at Cremma UK are happy to offer you the best cakes in Bournemouth. Cremma UK is the go-to bakery for the most delicious freshly baked cakes of all kinds to enjoy with a hot cup of fine coffee. We are happy to offer a broad range of cakes for you to choose from. If you’d like to learn more about our freshly baked goods, you can get in touch with our bakery today. You can do so by calling us on 01202 242628, and a team member will gladly answer your questions. 

The Tastiest Fresh Cake Bournemouth Has to Offer

We want to ensure our customers have the best experience they might have at the best bakery here in Bournemouth, which is why our staff are dedicated to providing you with freshly baked cakes and drinks for a cosy stay. Our cakes are always freshly baked and are homemade to give you warmth and an exquisite taste. We are committed to offering you a fresh experience so you can enjoy Cremma UK right here in Bournemouth. 

We are happy to offer a variety of delicious cakes to our Bournemouth customers. So, whether you prefer something sweet and filled with chocolate or think of honey cakes, you can rest assured we offer both and everything in between. Of course, we also finish off with great toppings, from cacao to walnut and lemon.  

Why Choose Our Fresh Cake Bournemouth Residents?

We are happy to bake a wide selection of cakes ranging in variety. While it might be challenging to choose from a great selection, our staff are also highly trained to help you determine what you feel like having here at Cremma UK. They can also go over ingredients and nutritional information to ensure everything is in order in case of allergies or diets. 

We are confident you will have the most enjoyable time in Bournemouth once you pass by Cremma UK. Our staff will help you choose your favourite freshly baked slice, and you get to enjoy the perfect tastes the cake entails. You can also order whole cakes for your parties or events.  

Strawberry with cream, fresh cake Bournemouth
Birthday Cake

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We here at Cremma UK are proud to be the go-to bakery in Bournemouth for all freshly baked goods and great coffee. If you would like to learn more about our selection of freshly baked cakes, you can get in touch with our team today. You can do so by calling us on 01202 242 628, and a member of our team will gladly take you through our options. Alternatively, you can send us an email at, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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