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Our Cremma Kitchen produces a variety of tasty international cuisines

Often, a café visit also means lunch, and with that, a more substantial meal. In this day and age, looking after your health is more important than ever, which is why we at Cremma have made things easy with our range of nutritious dishes. We have a range of freshly prepared meals available for customers to enjoy when they visit our relaxing establishment. Read on to learn more about the meals we offer and discover some of the great tastes our team can deliver.


What Main Courses Do We Offer?

At Cremma, we’re delighted to have something for everyone on our menu. We have a range of main dishes available, all of which are freshly prepared and are served hot. We want to cater to the needs of all clients, so we have made sure that we have a variety of options available. Whether you’re looking for something flavoursome and spicy or a simple dish to keep you going, we’ve got something perfect for you.

We have a variety of pasta dishes available for customers, including a delicious bolognaise and a vegetarian penne with hot sauce. If you don’t fancy pasta, no worries, as we have a range of traditional dishes available. You can tuck into cheesy chicken, beef Isabella, and Manti. You can, of course, learn more about each dish by asking our staff for more information.

Italian Spaghetti Dish

What Makes Our Dishes Special?

We pride ourselves on having a variety of dishes from around the world for customers to enjoy.

We pride ourselves on having a variety of dishes from around the world for customers to enjoy. We believe in broadening our horizons, so we have made an effort to incorporate a delicious range of Mediterranean, Spanish, Italian, and many more cuisine types into our menu. As such, customers can enjoy some delicious tastes from overseas that they otherwise may not have discovered. We aim to only continue expanding this selection in the future.

We want to ensure that there’s something available for all customers who enter our café, which is why we’ve made sure to offer a broad selection of dishes. Most of our food is vegetarian, though we can also cater to other dietary needs upon request. Our staff will make it their mission to ensure that you end up with a suitable dish that leaves you wholly fulfilled. This committed service is why many locals choose to dine with us.

Contact Us

We’re more than willing to go through the large selection we have available, so get in touch with us if you’d like to learn more. Email any queries to, and our team will be happy to go through the various products we offer and provide useful nutritional information.

More Food and Drink



You can expect to enjoy a healthy start with our range of breakfast meals, all of which are lovingly prepared by our skilled team.

Cheesecake Desserts


We are proud to have a variety of tasty desserts on offer for customers who are looking to indulge!



We strive to offer customers the finest ice cream on the market, so we have gone above and beyond to deliver world-famous Turkish ice cream from Mado!

Italian Spaghetti Dish

Cremma Kitchen

We have a wide range of hot dishes available that are suitable for all customers. We pride ourselves on having a variety of pasta and traditional Turkish meals on offer.