At Cremma, our coffee is the most important thing on the menu!

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver a range of delicious coffees to customers, all of which have been specially brewed on-site. We are delighted to have a variety of different roasts and flavours available, all of which can be enjoyed in our relaxing café. Read on to learn more about what makes our coffee special and discover the journey our delicious beverage takes from bean to cup.


Third-Wave Coffee

We at Cremma don’t just want to be another place where you can grab a quick coffee; we want to be the place. In order to make our coffee stand out from the rest, we’ve gone above and beyond to ensure that our beans are sourced from the finest farms and that our baristas are fully trained. Our staff know how to brew our coffee specially so that it exceeds all expectations. What’s more, we specialise in brewing third-wave coffee for your pleasure.

Third-wave coffee is part of a speciality service in which the coffee delivered is of luxury quality. This package includes everything from fresher beans as a result of direct trade to distinct brewing methods, and most importantly, exceptional customer service

We want to make your coffee drinking experience a special one, which is why we strive to deliver upon the high standard expected of third-wave coffee.

It is because of this aim that we have made sure to practise sustainability, introduce a range of lighter roast profile, and continue to innovate our brewing methods. You’ll find that this coffee experience is worth the price of admission, as we’ve made our luxury beverages affordable for all. Buying our coffee based on the quality of its origin and its artisan methods of production will ensure that you get to enjoy the complete third wave sensation.

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Our Coffee

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Cremma coffee

At Cremma, we have a range of delicious coffees available for customers to enjoy. We aim to only import the finest beans from around the globe, to ensure that customers enjoy the best taste available. Read on below to learn more about the delicious range of coffees we offer and find out where in the world they come from. The long journey our coffee takes to reach your cup may surprise you!

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What Makes Our Coffee Different?

Coffee from a Sustainable Source

While delivering delicious coffee to our customers is our top priority, we also believe it is vital to oversee a sustainable business model. We want our customers to know that the coffee we provide has come to us through a sustainable supply chain in which all involved benefit from our practises. All of our coffee beans are farmed in a sustainable manner and come from suppliers that operate within all the current regulations.

It is because of these beliefs in a sustainable approach that we’re proud to boast our affiliation with several industry bodies that ensure traders get a fair deal on coffee. We’re long time members of the Organic Organisation, and all of our coffee is also certified by Fairtrade. We pride ourselves on looking out for our suppliers and ensuring that the route our coffee takes is beneficial for all involved. From farmer to customer, you can rely on our team to operate fairly and ensure quality above all.

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Offering Beans of the Highest Quality

At Cremma, we have high standards when it comes to quality, as we want to ensure that our clients only get the finest beans. As such, we import both Arabica and Robusta coffee beans from around the world. Arabica beans are famous for their smooth and sweet taste, with their flavours having notes of chocolate and sugar. By contrast, Robusta beans are stronger and make for a more bitter coffee for those that appreciate a harsher taste. We’re delighted to have both options available.

Delicious Coffee from Around the Globe

Great coffee comes from all over the world, and we want to deliver as much of it as possible to our customers. We source beans from a variety of different regions and ensure to put quality above all else. For example, our Buku Sayisa blend from Ethiopia is a uniquely sweet coffee that has notes of berry compote and golden sugar. This just one of the many delicious roasts we import from around the world for our customers to enjoy.

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Traditional Coffee to Take Away

As well as being able to brew a range of delicious coffees in our café, we also have pre-packed coffee for you to take away yourself. This range is predominantly made up of more traditional coffee that you can brew at home and enjoy yourself. These traditional coffees include menengic, Turkish, and ottoman coffee. Of course, all of these coffees can also be enjoyed in our café, and all are served with Turkish delight and water.

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Unique Brewing Techniques

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We at Cremma realise that regardless of where our coffee has come from, it must be brewed correctly in order for it to meet our high standards. Our team of talented baristas have been trained in a range of brewing techniques so that they can give our customers a unique coffee experience while using the same roasts. Such a brewing approach requires attention and skill, which are attributes that our staff hold in abundance. Learn more about our special brewing methods below:

A Unique Journey

Our coffee comes from dedicated farmers who take pride in their work and excel at producing high-quality beans. It’s no secret that the fresher these beans are, the better, which is why we go direct to the source for our coffee. These beans take a journey across the globe before being ground down by our staff and freshly prepared for your enjoyment. If you’d like further information on the journey of a particular coffee, be sure to ask our team, who will be happy to explain more.

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The Chemex brewing method is a timeless one that results in a rich coffee that has been filtered through thoroughly. Using beans that have been ground down to a reasonably coarse size, the technique requires slightly cooled boiling water to be poured slowly through a filter until the coffee grinds begin to increase in size. By allowing this to sit for a while before carefully adding more hot water, you’ll end up with a brew that exploits the rich flavours of any roast.


This method of brewing is one of the easiest ways to produce delicious filter coffee. With minimal precision required, our baristas need only weigh out the beans before grinding them down to medium or fine size. They then attach filter paper to a specialised machine which is rinsed before the coffee is added. Hot water is then poured through the machine and left in a vacuum for a minute so that the coffee filters through to leave you with a smooth, strong-tasting brew.

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Hario V60

The Hario V60 brewing method is another specialised technique that is better suited to lighter roasts. We use this method to highlight the best aspects of more complex coffees so that our customers can enjoy a full-bodied taste. This brewing technique requires the beans to be ground down and frequently stirred through a filter with boiling water. This method requires patience but results in a delicious coffee that is worth the wait.

If you’d like to learn more about any of these special brewing methods, you can do so by speaking to a member of our friendly team today!


Wholesale Options

We want to spread the taste of our great coffee as much as possible, which is why we’ve made our products available for wholesale purchase. Commercial retailers interested in stocking our unique coffee blends can do so by signing up to our wholesale website. Click the link here or reach out to our friendly team today to learn more about bulk buying options.


Contact Us

At Cremma, coffee is our speciality, so we’re always willing to discuss our rich and delicious options at length. If you have any queries about the coffee we offer or the journey it takes to get to our café, be sure to reach out to our friendly team today. You can reach us via email today at, where we’ll endeavour to get back to you promptly with the required information.

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